Brajeshwari Temple in Kangra to appear out as one of the 52 Shakti Peethas is reminisced for its great wealth even today, to have shaped to the country as Incredible India. As the history is concerned saying that this temple experienced to many horrible incoming of attacks, be it natural or the humankind. The year 1905 devastated to the temple by earthquake. After, this shrine was come in vision to repair, filling by gold, silver and diamonds. In 1360, Firoz Shah Tughlaq came to ransack it. Later, Emperor Akbar visited the temple with his Dewan-Toder Mal to restore its former stateliness.

Now, the current temple is as the foundation of an earthquake of 1905 that ravaged to the old temple.
Attributed to have been built over the charred breast of Maa Sati, Brajeshwari Temple in the Kangra of Himachal Pradesh materializes out blessing to the devotees after a layer of butter from her devotees over the pindi of Goddess Brajeshwari. Meaning that a winning battle between demon Mahishasur and Goddss Brajeshwari maintained to the humanity well but wounded to the Goddess Brajeshwari healed to her wounded by an ointment of butter.

Built in the 1905, the Brajeshwari Temple near to Dharamshala in the old Kangra township of Himachal Pradesh houses for the Goddess Brajeshwari (form of Goddess Sati) after the charred breast of Goddess Sati fell down. Goddess Brajeshwari, meant to kill demon Mahishasur, gets happy easily when to lay an ointment of butter over the pindi of Goddess Brajeshwari.
Meaning that Goddess Brajeshwari to come wounded at the battle with demon Mahishasur cured her wounded pasting of butter over. Also, this Brajeshwari temple to have been befallen as an apple of invaders’ eyes was attacked to be looted many times. Moreover, the current structure of the temple does not lessen even an inch of meritorious appeal as compared to the former structural design, in manner to the ornaments of earthly decorations.


Kms : 50 KMS
Duration : 3 Hrs. Drive from Taragarh Palace


INNOVA : INR 4,500/- plus Service tax 15%
Small Cab : INR 3,500/- plus Service tax plus 15%
GUIDE : INR 2,500/- plus Service Tax 15 %