The Spirit of Nalanda Continues…
Deer Park Institute is a centre for study of classical Indian wisdom traditions. Established in March 2006 on the campus of a former Buddhist monastic institute, it is a project under Siddhartha’s Intent Society.

The core vision of the Institute is to re-create the spirit of Nalanda, a great university of ancient India in which all traditions of Buddhism were studied and practiced, alongside other schools of classical Indian philosophy, arts and sciences. With the aspiration of applying compassion and wisdom traditions in the activities of the Institute, we have organised workshops and conferences on environmental issues, preserving local culture and sustainable livelihood in the Institute and local schools. In order to disseminate awareness on these issues, informative documentaries and printed materials have also been produced. Since 2009, Deer Park Institute has also been invited by Himachal Government a few times as resource people on the concept of Zero Waste and has received an Appreciation Award.


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