In Bir alone, there are two monasteries but the Chokling Monastery is the one we are going to talk about in this post.
Chokling Monastery, known in full as Pema Ewan Chokgyur Gyurme Lingwas established in the 1960’s following the exile of Tibetans because of Chinese invasion under the guidance of third Neten Chokling Rinpoche. Today this monastery stands as a fully established complex of stupas, temples and monks quarters along with a three-year retreat centre.

And among all the monasteries between Mandi and Kangra, I found this one most beautiful. The multi coloured flags flutter in the air producing psychedelic sounds in the air as if inviting you to shout together with the millions of voices fighting for the spirit of Tibet.

The monastery compound is primarily divided into three parts; a) the entrance b) temple complex, and c) meditation centre. While the entrance is decorated with sculptures, the monastery temple complex stands unaccompanied in solitude as the soulful prayers emanate from the temple. There is a lush green lawn in front of the meditation centre and the entire arrangement of the mountains and the monastery is too beautiful to be real.


DISTANCE : 45 Min / 1 hour Drive


INNOVA : INR 3,500/- plus 18% GST
Small Cab : INR 2,500/- plus 18% GST
GUIDE : INR 2,500/- plus 18% GST