Situated in the foothills of Kangra Valley is Palpung Sherabling Monastery the seat of the XIIth Kenting Tai Situpa in India. A quiet walk through the pine forest with colourful Buddhist prayer flags on the sides of the road takes you to the gompa.

The monastery has shrine halls, a monastic college, a school, a library, a museum, an exhibition hall and a dispensary, and all these are nestled deep inside the pine forest. It’s like a different world altogether in the middle of serene nature where cheerful kids, youth and old seem to be celebrating life. There is a small canteen behind the main prayer hall where you can have noodles, thukpa, tea etc. Be there during sunset to enjoy an amazing view, when the golden rays engulf the entire forest, fields and villages.Pulping Sherabling ( Sherabling Monastery), , is situated in the gentle pine forested foothills of the Kangra valley. The thirty acres of land are formed by three south sloping ridges.

Most of the buildings of Palpung Sherabling are located on the ridges of the hills or in forest glades as not to destroy the growth of trees and plants for the future. These buildings were all designed by the 12th Kenting Tai Situpa, and were built in traditional styles but of modern materials.


45 Min / 1 hour Drive


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