Bir Billing offers thrill seekers a chance to experience the Himalayas like never before. The starting point here, where flat land ends, is the approachable Dhauladhar range, one of the branches of the main Outer Himalayas, with the added advantage of easy landing fields along the ridges. “This is the base where you get to experience the Himalayas, but not the extremes of it. Also, here you have a long range of high mountains, which allows you to hop from one ridge to another,” says Roy, who has been paragliding since 2003.

This is also the best place to do distance flying, from Bir Billing to Dharamshala (approximately 100 km) and back. Paragliders come here from across the globe to fly, from September to December and March to May. “Bir Billing also gives you a peek into Tibetan and Himalachali culture,Bir-Billing, the twin paragliding sites, provide perfect weather conditions and infrastructure for paragliding all-year-round. The open valley in the Dhauladhars also makes for some beautiful from-the-sky views.


1 Hrs & 20 min drive from Taragarh to billing & 20 to 30 min for gliding.


PARA SALING COST : INR 3,500/- PER RIDE + 18 % GST TRANSPOTATION : Innova/ tavera cost us 3,500/- & Small Cab 2,500/- /Plus Service 18% GST

Nature Trek

1. Taragarh – old golf course -35min

2. Taragarh – 0ld golf course-Jiklinor village-Kakaina -1hr 30min

3. Taragarh – Tashi Jong -45min

4. Taragarh – skirt stables – walk up to meadow – through tea gardens back -20min

5. Taragarh – skirt stables – walk up to meadow-turn left through village/fields-up to meadow- hroughtea gardens back -30min

6. Taragarh – river bed-village/fields-before Alhilal camp turn towards meadow – through tea gardens back -1hr

7. Taragarh – skirt stables-walk upto meadow-turn right through fields- fish pond -30min

8. Taragarh- Bir ashram(drive30min)then a steep walk up into the mountains (packed meal/tea) -1hr


  • Inside hotel premises : 1:00 Hrs
  • Outside hotel area : 2:30 – 5:00 Hrs.


Depends on Trek Routes and it’s level, contact our Front Desk at Hotel GUIDE Charges Rs. 2,500/- plus 18% GST